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Modernizing R&D in the Chemical Industry with AI

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Innovate, Grow, Move Faster

Aixelo helps chemical and materials companies transition to a better R&D process through the adoption of next-generation AI — speeding up product development and enabling groundbreaking innovation.

Aixelo Bridges the Gap Between AI and Operations

R&D Made Easy

Artificial intelligence is hard to implement in materials labs because it relies too much on existing data and introduces a foreign process to R&D teams. That’s why we developed Aixelo — an AI platform that creates data on the fly and is intentionally designed around the processes you and your teams already use. Now, your organization can innovate faster and win more market opportunities.

We Turn Your Digital Journey into a Success

Artificial intelligence drives R&D labs forward so your team can make strategic decisions, even without pre-existing data. However, adopting new technology isn’t easy.

With Aixelo, you are uniquely positioned to overcome adoption barriers and realize full technology benefits.

AI Enterprise for Faster Innovation

  1. We replace empirical testing by AI-decision making for Materials Formulation Development so you spend lab-resources only on the designs that matter.
  2. We replace actual by digital experiments so you can test more ideas, de-risk your Breakthrough Innovation, and quickly ramp up winning IP portfolios.
  3. We Retool Your R&D Teams to increase productivity for routine tasks such as lab scale or process chemistry and other day-to-day operations for various applications.
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Aixelo Promotes Flywheel Innovation with Closed-Loop AI, Standardized Process, Designed for R&D Labs

AI That Creates Impact

Higher R&D Returns

Increase lab productivity across the innovation portfolio so you can create larger profits.

Go to Market Faster

Enjoy agility in product line development so you can quickly pivot to prioritize new market opportunities.

Win Exponential Growth Markets

Speed up your innovation process so you can build an IP portfolio that leads sustainability efforts and exponential growth markets.

Transform R&D with AI Designed for You

Lab technician using a tablet

Create an Implementation Plan

AI Strategy Consulting

We work with your strategic leadership and R&D teams to identify the most valuable use cases, math the ROI, and develop the right implementation plan for your team.

Lab technician using a pipette

Introduce AI to
Your Labs

Digital Transformation Programs

We help deploy AI software in your labs using a gradual approach that starts with one specific application. This makes it simpler for R&D teams to integrate it into their process.

Lab technician team

Fully Integrate AI in Your Processes

AI-Enterprise Subscription

We will partner with you to guide seamless expansion into more lab environments and use cases. This ensures scalable deployment across business units.

Our Team

We are a Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) spin-out and pioneer closed-loop AI for accelerated innovation.

Christoph Kreisbeck Headshot

Dr. Christoph Kreisbeck


Chief Executive Officer

Manuel Tsotsalas Headshot

PD Dr. Manuel Tsotsalas


Chief Technology Officer

Pascal Friederich Headshot

Prof. Dr. Pascal Friederich


Chief Scientific Officer

Yi Luo Headshot

Dr. Yi Luo


Machine Learning Chemist

Our Compass


We believe transformation happens through collaboration.


We go above and beyond to deliver exceptional solutions.


We are all in to drive meaningful change.


We deliver unparalleled value by breaking with convention, advanced technology and scientific rigor.


Our customers' interests are in the center of any action we take and best achieved by being transparent and authentic.

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